An Owen(s) Odyssey
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North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Williams  16 Feb 1792North Carolina P444
2 Byrd, Mary Ann  Abt 1904North Carolina P6206
3 Chapman, Deberry  24 January 1791North Carolina P6496
4 Cross, Charity Williams  Abt 1800North Carolina P6490
5 Cross, Dixon T  12 Jul 1811North Carolina P310
6 Cross, Elisha  Abt 1750North Carolina P5827
7 Cross, Etheldred  25 Apr 1830North Carolina P6658
8 Cross, Jane  1802North Carolina P6489
9 Cross, Lucretia  19 May 1813North Carolina P428
10 Cross, Richard Deberry  7 Apr 1809North Carolina P6488
11 Cross, Sarah "Sally"  6 Jul 1816North Carolina P427
12 Cross, Sarah Ann  1819North Carolina P6617
13 Cross, Thomas  20 Jan 1819North Carolina P6498
14 Cross, William  1785North Carolina P5833
15 Cross, William Hardy  27 May 1817North Carolina P6604
16 Cross, Willis  Abt 1790North Carolina P5844
17 Duncan, Carrie L  Jul 1891North Carolina P6201
18 Ellis, Walter L  Abt 1899North Carolina P6212
19 Gardner, Lois Winifred  21 Jul 1903North Carolina P2641
20 Gill, Joseph  1742North Carolina P7255
21 Gill, Robert  1776North Carolina P7253
22 Godwin, Mary Elizabeth  Jun 1847North Carolina P6175
23 Grady, Alonzo  Abt 1870North Carolina P6190
24 Grady, Dennis  Abt 1907North Carolina P6193
25 Grady, Henry  Abt 1902North Carolina P6198
26 Grady, Oren L   P6191
27 Grady, Robert  Abt 1905North Carolina P6194
28 Grady, Sherwood L   P6192
29 Grant, Mildred  1786North Carolina P7265
30 Grubbs, Charles T   P6215
31 Grubbs, John N   P6216
32 Grubbs, Thomas Leo  30 Nov 1895North Carolina P6214
33 Guy, Edith E  1892North Carolina P6196
34 Guy, Lida Mae  Jun 1898North Carolina P6197
35 Guy, Mattie S  1889North Carolina P6195
36 Guy, Nettie L  1887North Carolina P6199
37 Guy, William Bryant  1863North Carolina P6200
38 Hamby, Henry  Abt 1783North Carolina P7106
39 Johnson, Nancy  1784North Carolina P7706
40 Lamb, Isaac Newton  Abt 1822North Carolina P3188
41 Lane, Prier Jane  1 Oct 1833North Carolina P472
42 Lockerman, John  1810North Carolina P3074
43 McGee, Benjamin G.  Abt 1859North Carolina P5808
44 McGee, Charley  Abt 1866North Carolina P5812
45 McGee, John W  Abt 1862North Carolina P5809
46 McGee, Louis H  Abt 1870North Carolina P5810
47 McGee, Mary I  Abt 1863North Carolina P5811
48 McGee, Richard  Abt 1820North Carolina P5807
49 McKinnon, Daniel  Abt 1817North Carolina P2796
50 O'Quin, Silas  24 Jul 1788North Carolina P6705

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cross, Cloe  Abt 1805North Carolina P5817
2 Guy, William Bryant  22 Apr 1899North Carolina P6200


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gill / Owen  1768North Carolina F2471