An Owen(s) Odyssey
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Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kathleen   P5982
2 Vinnie Lee  4 Mar 1890Alabama P3363
3 Bailey, Lucille  12 Sep 1913Alabama P4917
4 Crass, Nancy E  Abt 1864Alabama P6612
5 Crass, Pharaoh  Abt 1861Alabama P6613
6 Cross, Bahma  Jul 1887Alabama P6635
7 Cross, Bertha D  Jul 1885Alabama P6638
8 Cross, Clifton  Aug 1890Alabama P6636
9 Cross, Dixie Louise   P3072
10 Cross, George P.  Abt 1873Alabama P416
11 Cross, Ina V  Sep 1880Alabama P6639
12 Cross, James S  Abt 1855Alabama P6606
13 Cross, John  Sep 1892Alabama P3064
14 Cross, Luqunia  Abt 1846Alabama P6610
15 Cross, Martha Ann  1847Alabama P6609
16 Cross, Maud J  Mar 1882Alabama P6637
17 Cross, Opal   P3071
18 Cross, Steven Richard  Dec 1851Alabama P6607
19 Cross, Yenoba F  Mar 1878Alabama P6640
20 Cuffell, Sophia Elizabeth  Feb 1852Alabama P417
21 Earnest, Luther S  Mar 1898Alabama P4765
22 Hammonds, Ambers S.  Abt 1876Alabama P6629
23 Hammonds, Mathew  Abt 1870Alabama P6632
24 Hammonds, Nancy L.  Abt 1872Alabama P6630
25 Hammonds, Norsis  Abt 1874Alabama P6631
26 Hesterly, Sarah Jane  17 Oct 1832Alabama P2625
27 Mc Neese, King E.  Abt 1874Alabama P3892
28 Mc Neese, Robert L.  Abt 1876Alabama P3891
29 McNeese, Carrie Eugene  21 Jun 1869Alabama P3893
30 Morrow, Ouida Jewell   P3040
31 Murrell, Ida M  31 Oct 1888Alabama P6355
32 Nall, Beder Elliot  Jan 1877Alabama P2785
33 Parham, Ethel Lee  23 Apr 1900Alabama P3991
34 Parker, Winiford  18 Apr 1857Alabama P6646
35 Scott, Grace   P3365
36 Sibley, Thelma M   P6954
37 Stewart, Elender Elizabeth "Lizzie"  22 Jan 1881Alabama P3644
38 Thombley, Sarah J  1 Mar 1841Alabama P450
39 Wise, Armenta   P6942
40 Wise, Billy   P6952
41 Wise, Hugh S   P6953
42 Wise, Mildred Ocdale   P6944
43 Wise, Oscar Daniel   P6943
44 Wise, Wiley Augustus  Abt 1903Alabama P6947
45 Wise, Willie Pauline  Abt 1907Alabama P6945
46 Woodyard, Betty Jene   P2772


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Courtney, Martin Monroe  Nov 1926Alabama P5398
2 Cross, William Hardy  15 Dec 1865Alabama P6604
3 Tarrant, James  1840Alabama P5463