An Owen(s) Odyssey
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Cecil County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Broccus, Martha  1643Cecil County, Maryland P7964
2 Cox, Benjamin  6 Mar 1715/16Cecil County, Maryland P6424
3 Cox, Benjamin  3 May 1794Cecil County, Maryland P6094
4 Gonce, Elizabeth  5 Aug 1804Cecil County, Maryland P56
5 Gonce, John E  Oct 1859Cecil County, Maryland P2720
6 Gonce, John T  Abt 1800Cecil County, Maryland P1332
7 Mahoney, Anna Marie  16 Apr 1833Cecil County, Maryland P7002
8 Mahoney, Margaret  23 Oct 1804Cecil County, Maryland P6984
9 Owens, Ambrose B  Abt 1820Cecil County, Maryland P7015
10 Owens, Fredus P  28 Feb 1792Cecil County, Maryland P6981
11 Owens, Hannah  Abt 1786Cecil County, Maryland P6977
12 Owens, Harriet  Between 1800-1803Cecil County, Maryland P51
13 Owens, John A  20 Oct 1846Cecil County, Maryland P7026
14 Owens, Mary  Abt. 1790Cecil County, Maryland P6978
15 Owens, Rebecca  1795Cecil County, Maryland P6976
16 Owens, Rebecca  12 Jul 1810Cecil County, Maryland P53
17 Owens, Sarah  1781Cecil County, Maryland P6979
18 Owens, Toresha  1786Cecil County, Maryland P6980
19 Steel, Caleb  1804Cecil County, Maryland P7799
20 Steel, Margery  1806Cecil County, Maryland P7797
21 Terry, John W  1813Cecil County, Maryland P7823
22 Terry, Loretta  1823Cecil County, Maryland P7822
23 Veasey, Edward  1677Cecil County, Maryland P7975
24 Veasey, Robert  1686Cecil County, Maryland P7974
25 Veazey, Araminta  1730Cecil County, Maryland P41
26 Veazey, Elisha  1750Cecil County, Maryland P7970
27 Veazey, James  1684Cecil County, Maryland P2739
28 Veazey, Levi  Cecil County, Maryland P7981
29 Veazey, William  1672Cecil County, Maryland P7976


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1799Cecil County, Maryland P50
2 Broccus, Martha  1700Cecil County, Maryland P7964
3 Cox, Benjamin  17 May 1822Cecil County, Maryland P6521
4 Cox, John  1785Cecil County, Maryland P6412
5 Edenor, Charlotte  Bef 1804Cecil County, Maryland P52
6 Gonce, Rudolph  Abt 1804Cecil County, Maryland P57
7 Harrowood, Robert  1784Cecil County, Maryland P2228
8 Lowery, James  Bef Mar 1779Cecil County, Maryland P2726
9 Mercer, Mary  Between 23 Jul 1766 - 13 Aug 1766Cecil County, Maryland P2740
10 Veasey, Edward  1731Cecil County, Maryland P7975
11 Veasey, Robert  Abt 1767Cecil County, Maryland P7974
12 Veazey, Elizabeth  Bef. 21 Mar 1775Cecil County, Maryland P8057
13 Veazey, James  25 Jul 1766Cecil County, Maryland P2739
14 Veazey, William  3 Oct 1767Cecil County, Maryland P7966


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cox /   Bef. 1773Cecil County, Maryland F2109
2 Cox / Rumsey  15 Jan 1740Cecil County, Maryland F2754
3 Gonce / Commegys  1824Cecil County, Maryland F680
4 Gonce / Headney  26 Oct 1796Cecil County, Maryland F232
5 Gonce / Lowery  9 Dec 1778Cecil County, Maryland F679
6 Owens /   18 Jan 1785Cecil County, Maryland F8
7 Owens / Cox  1 Nov 1804Cecil County, Maryland F10
8 Owens / Edenor  4 Dec 1799Cecil County, Maryland F9
9 Price / Hendrickson  21 Jan 1816Cecil County, Maryland F2712
10 Veasey / Broccus  1699Cecil County, Maryland F2680
11 Veazey / Ward  18 Nov 1708Cecil County, Maryland F2709