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Bartholomew Owen - Evidence of Birth Date/Place & Parents

My earliest known ancestor with the Owen/Owens surname is Bartholomew Owen (bef.1637-1676). We know he lived and died in Surry County, Virginia but his early life is a mystery. Based upon isolated parish records in England and Wales, several theories have been advanced about Bartholomew’s birth and parents. Unfortunately, no corroborating evidence can be found to tell us that these records are not just a case of different men coincidently having the same name. Not one of the theories can show any link between the parish record and my 6th great-grandfather. Does anyone have credible evidence of where/when Bartholomew of Virginia was born and who his parents were?
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Elizabeth (Gonce) Wilkins - DNA Evidence Needed

Some folks have speculated that my 3rd great aunt, Elizabeth (Gonce) Wilkins, was the illegitimate daughter of Stephen Owens. We have ample documentary evidence that Stephen was her stepfather—NOT her biological father. But, apparently, that’s not enough for people who delight in publishing a scandal (real or imagined). I am looking for someone who is a descendant of Francis and Elizabeth Wilkins, who has tested their DNA, and who is willing to share their list of DNA matches. If you are a descendant of Francis and Elizabeth Wilkins, your DNA should match other people who are Gonce descendants but not Owens descendants. This coupled with the documentary evidence will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Elizabeth’s birth was legitimate and her father was Rudolph Gonce. If you are a direct descendant and you have a DNA test, please contact me at so we can put an end to these lies that are being spread about your ancestor.
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Elizabeth (mnu), wife of James Sims Walker - Who Is She?

The only records we can find for my 2nd great-grandmother date from after she was married. Consequently, we do not know her maiden name. The 1850 and 1860 census show her name as Elizabeth C, Walker but we don’t know if C is the first letter of her middle name or the first letter of her maiden surname. Some researchers have speculated that her maiden name was Elizabeth Cureton but documentary evidence all but eliminates this possibility. Her husband was a neighbor to several Colson families but, so far, I can’t find any evidence linking Elizabeth to any of these families. Does anyone have valid evidence of Elizabeth’s maiden name?
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